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CultureBoot is a serious gaming platform for IT teams, using collaborative gamification to improve engagement, reduce hiring costs, and kill turnover of employees. It helps building a strong team culture for a fraction of the cost of usual management tools (seminar, trainings, team building event).

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Our games

Each of our games last 4 weeks,
and allow you to boost your dev team culture in a particular way.

We've got many more games ready to play. And we can even craft one just for your team!

Built on the shoulder of giants

The practices we encourage come from the best IT leaders,
as described in the following publications:

Step by Step

Here is how our customers change their culture.

  • 1

    Design Your Goal

    Form a team at your company. They can be coworkers, or people who need to better know each other. A good team for CultureBoot has 10-20 people. Then, choose one particular skill you'd like to improve in that team. This lets you choose a CultureBoot game.

  • 2

    Adjust Game Parameters

    Create a player account for each member of the team. CultureBoot games come with a predefined set of actions, that you can edit according to the team context. The Game Simulator also lets you adjust the game difficulty - a game too hard or too easy isn't fun to play. Define a prize if the team wins, and launch the game - this sends a message to all participants. This whole process usually takes less than 2 hours.

  • 3


    Using a mobile app and/or a chat bot, you and your team accomplish actions and take up challenges that affect the game world. Usually, this results in pictures being posted to a game board shared by all players. During one month, a few minutes per day, you cooperate with your team to win the game. Non-player characters interact with players using chat and email. And the game world changes along the game, forcing the players to elaborate sophisticated strategies to win.

  • 4


    Whether the game is won or lost, the team has often learned a lot, and accomplished things they would never have done otherwise. During a final meeting, the players gather and share what they take from the game, and how they would like to go further on some themes. If the game is won, the entire team celebrates and profits of the game prize.

Choose your plan

Basic Game

plan 1 990€
  • 4 weeks
  • Up to 20 players
  • Mobile App
  • Chat Bot
  • Player Roles
  • Game Stats
  • Automated Game Animation

Premium Game

plan 9 990€
  • All Basic Game Features
  • Initial Team Assessment
  • Custom Game Actions
  • Game Balancing
  • Custom Game Assets
  • Human Facilitator
  • Photo Album

Tailor-Made Game


If you need a custom game with a specific purpose, an original scenario, and designed just for your team, contact us. We've organized games for up to 200 people, lasting between 1 and 60 days. Our team of professional game designers, agile coaches, web developers, and writers can tackle any team situation.

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